No Survivors

So they fall screaming,
Deep into the abyss,
Our warriors won’t hear them,
They believe that nothing is amiss,

Burning of skin, death en masse,
This isn’t the first time,
That was with chambers of gas,
By the guy who wrote Mein Kampf,

We are ruled by the greedy,
Who control us with fear,
Terrified of our shadows,
We demand a strike back,

But who are we fighting?
Who’s really to blame?
Who wins in this battle of cruelty?
Who shall stay on the field?

Nobody wins in a game of war,
Nobody will ever find peace,
For there is always something to fight over,
We begin before we are three.

I fear for the survival of humanity,
All we do is fight,
When will peace ever defeat,
When the ones in power, always cheat.


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