Staying Strong

Writing is hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either one of the stupid people or they’ve never attempted to write a creative thing in their life.

When we write, we are making ourselves more vulnerable than if we were to strip naked and run down the highway, because not only are we sharing parts of our soul with the world but we are also creating our children for the purpose of judgement. It’s terrifying.

But there are ways to overcome the fear.

  1. Focus on the praise- In the beginning, you are likely to have more haters than fans but if you focus on the positive things they say or do, you will be far happier about releasing your work to the public.
  2. Remember why- Did you want to share your story with the world? If yes, then remember that. If you wanted to be an international bestseller? {Guilty.} Then remember that your first isn’t going to be perfect and it’s not likely to get you there but you can get there. If you persevere.
  3. Build a support network- This doesn’t have to be family and it doesn’t have to be friends. This can be random strangers with the same aspirations as you. For instance, I am a part of an international writing support group called ‘The Write Place’. This is located on Facebook and they are vital to me. Obviously, having people IRL to talk to and rely on is great to but chances are that people won’t support your decision to be a writer.

Those are just a few ways to overcome the fear. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.


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