Hook, line and Sinker

In the beginning:

Writing an epic hook or an intense climax is usually pretty simple, but writing the beginning isn’t always easy. There is a fine line between boring your audience with necessary background information and confusing them with an unknown character that they’re just expected to love. The first quarter of your story will be about building your MC and other recurring cast, but subtle hints at who they are will be far more interesting than simply stating the facts.

For example: Don’t say, Katy was the biggest bitch in the world but opened her heart to anyone willing to try. Instead write: Katy’s lack of trust led her to having a very small friendship group but wouldn’t dream of betraying those she loved.

Both versions show that Katy isn’t particularly trustful but the first is exteremely straightforward and blunt, which becomes tiresome to read if it is the only method of description you use.

But the opening of your novel isn’t just about your characters or even the setting. It’s about hinting at the future of your characters without outright giving away the story. For example: In a story about an interstellar fight club, you could write about Tony, a guy with rage issues who often picked a fight with just about anyone. Tony is shown to be a violent guy by nature and is a likely candidate to join a fight club.

So in summary, writing the beginning is about capturing your audience’s attention with hints and suggestions to the coming story. It is not about info-dumps, stated characters with definite intentions or unrealistic character setups.


Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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